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HomeRea, the maintenance of your property

You are the owner of a house in our beautiful region ?
HomeRea, leader in the Gard residence maintenance market, offers a range of services to facilitate the annual maintenance and management of your property.
Caretaking of your residence, swimming pool, garden, special services, we work with professionals to ensure you the essential: serenity and satisfaction of being able to fully enjoy your property.

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Security !

We have been working in second home stewardship for 6 years now. Management of your property, swimming pool, garden, cleaning, work, rental, unforeseen, we have managed almost all situations and are able to provide a solution to each question. We bring to you peace of mind !

Enjoy !

You chose this house, you pamper it and it makes you feel good. This bubble of happiness in which you love to relax should not become a burden, but rather remain the symbol of holidays, well-being and comfort. By entrusting us with the management, you are sure to keep only the best.

Control your budget !

Our key word is transparency. We work mainly with annual contracts which include the amount of our service and the tasks associated. For each additional expense, we provide separate quotes and invoices that we submit to you. So everything is clear between us.

Stay Zen!

We know from experience that distance is very stressful for you. We have therefore developed methods to reassure you: regular visits, full report, with photos if necessary and effective communication: mail, Skype, WhatsApp, allow us to keep the link in all circumstances!

And now, what can we do for you?

HomeRea Services

Caretaking of your house

Regular visits during your absence, start-up upon your arrival, forwarding of your mail, cleaning, delivery reception.

Manage your pool

Spring watering, wintering, temperature setting, summer monitoring, pond cleaning, chemistry control.

Take care for your garden

Lawn mowing, plant watering, indoor-outdoor, hedge and shrub trimming, brush cutting, or other specific requests.

Small works

In order to keep your home in good condition, we also manage small beautification, painting, carpentry, plumbing.

Rental Management

Reception of the renters, inventory, bi-weekly surveillance of the swimming pool, assistance to the renters, cleaning, laundry.

Private Concierge

Assistance with administrative tasks, reception of water, EDF, or others technicians, booking of tickets, accompanying to the station or airport, etc.

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Our experience

We own cottages near Uzès for 10 years and we work in the stewardship of residences for 6 years now. The welcoming, the caretaking, the maintenance of swimming pools, the management of unforeseen have no more secrets for us.


Our environment knowledge

We work with professional artisans we’ve known for many years and whom we trust. We make these people available to take care of your property.


Our transparency

For our package or for bespoke services, we work with written contracts, quotes, invoices. No expenses should be incurred without your consent.


Our reliability

Once the contract signed, we make commitment to every step. We let you know about our visits, send photos if necessary, we keep in touch by all communication channels.

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