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We know that remoteness can be stressful with the unpleasant feeling of not being able to manage your residence as if you were there.

Delegating, relying on someone else to manage your home in your absence is not always easy. Here are 4 great reasons to trust us:

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Our experience

We own cottages near Uzès for 10 years and we work in the stewardship of residences for 6 years now. The welcoming, the caretaking, the maintenance of swimming pools, the management of unforeseen have no more secrets for us.

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Our environment knowledge

We work with professional artisans we’ve known for many years and whom we trust. We make these people available to take care of your property.

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Our transparency

For our package or for bespoke services, we work with written contracts, quotes, invoices. No expenses should be incurred without your consent.

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Our reliability

Once the contract signed, we make commitment to every step. We let you know about our visits, send photos if necessary, we keep in touch by all communication channels.

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Our personal touch that makes the difference : we have been a duo for 25 years, each one with our specificity, our assets. Different, complementary, active and reactive !

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